Eco-friendly products





Excellent quality

We offer doors and windows that are reliable for many years


Reasonable prices

Regardless of whether the products are wholesale or retail, our prices will pleasantly surprise you


The shortest possible time

The shortest possible time for order completion. Your door will be manufactured and installed strictly on time.


product range

Our products are the result of careful engineering that guarantees the safety and comfort of your home.

We work

in the market of joiner's products

for 20 years


We like


Doors - for every taste and color. The original. quality and sophisticated - from simple entrances and interiors for families to a family home to unique, durable and reliable offices or workshops. Or maybe you want an elite antique door to your personal fortress?

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For every corner of your home or office we will find a sophisticated solution. We only have quality furniture from the best Carpathian forests, but we assure you that no branch from the protected area has been affected. Furniture - for relaxation or work, reception or solitude ... Do you want to transform your home into a Royal Chamber ?!

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Woodcarving. An ancient kind of decorative art that is gaining popularity today. We cherish the ancient traditions, so with a soul and love we make a unique mirror, an elegant chair, a stylish bed or whatever. Our craftsmen make real masterpieces from wood.

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From our windows, everyone can see only a bright future! Make any order: Do you want a small round window on a tall tower? Is there a huge floor-to-ceiling window in a country cottage? No questions - let's do it!

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Wood pellets

Compared to conventional fuels (coal, gas, firewood), wood pellets have huge advantages. According to marketers, the future is behind them. The main advantage of wood pellets is their production without any harmful chemical additives and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, they are safe for both humans and the environment.

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Molded products

Plinth, plinths, lining, rail, etc. Absolutely health-friendly parts that will be required when constructing production facilities and repairing residential buildings. Simple and easy to decorate living rooms, balconies, saunas or offices, but very interesting and stylish in the interior.

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