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Sliding wardrobes

They perform the functions of an ordinary wardrobe, and also decorate the wall in the room with decorative cabinet doors, mirrors and designer paneling. Sliding wardrobes can be designed to accommodate both contemporary and contemporary vintage interiors.

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There is a closet - the room is clean! All the clothes and things in their places in spacious, modern and creative wardrobes. Is it possible that your wardrobe deserves a place on unusual old shelves with original doors with decorations?

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Bedside tables

Complement and create the full image of a berth. Always have everything you need at bedtime (book, night cream, medication, phone, etc.) and everything is neatly folded into a bedside table. Comfortable, designer, multi-colored, one-color and in tone beds. Choose the ones that 'wink' at you.

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Dressing tables

Want to win a woman's heart? Give her a dressing table. It's a paradise for a girl who honors herself at any age. Well, who among women does not like to spend time at the mirror at a posh table with cosmetics and jewelry? This table is suitable for sister, daughter, mum or grandmother. As for design - we will find an option for everyone!

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Women with poufs, childrens - big and small, as well as tables for real men in the study. Lunch, magazine, kitchen of various shapes and structures. We have a comfortable table that is right for your interior.

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Guests will appreciate your home or apartment if they see a stylish, comfortable and functional entrance hall when they enter. In addition, you will be pleased to be in a cozy atmosphere. Because the hallway is the most frequently used room furniture, it should look harmonious and complete.

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Modular systems

They always look fashionable and stylish. Modular systems are chosen by supporters of minimalism and clear correct compositions. A modern selection will allow you to choose what suits your interior. We will professionally help create a unique image of your home.

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Practical and reliable, they will help to fill the space of the room with benefits. For the most part, such furniture is chosen by a teenager in a personal room or in a guest room, or in a large hall or study. But, we are for any non-standard idea. Are you in favor of a healthy lifestyle? We will make you a sports wall for physical training!

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The average person spends a third of his life in a dream. It is in bed that the most wonderful dreams are dreamed, here we dream, admit ourselves in love and make future plans. The bed is the birthplace of a true miracle: a new life! Therefore, it should be perfect and unique, comfortable, soft or supple as you like it.

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An open buffet, a roller coaster, a curbstone, a low cabinet with doors, an unusual dresser are all credentials. Such furniture is used to store clothes, tableware, bedding, and any other things. Credits will fit well into your interior if you choose all the furniture for a certain style and color scheme.

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Comfortable and stylish, with a variety of designs. They do not take up much space, they are small in size but very spacious and compact. They will fit into a small apartment or a separate miniature room for a little princess. In addition, it is possible to make dressers according to your specific standards.

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Luxury doors

For elite people. It's simple - first we buy ourselves elite doors, then open them to the world of elite life in general. These are very luxurious and precious doors, but they are well worth it. The only thing is, are you ready to pay for an unusual unique elite product?

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Church furniture

The wooden furniture for the Temple without faith and love will not be done qualitatively! Therefore, our craftsmen are very delicate and caring in this category of products. All church furniture is made according to Orthodox canons. We can order any thematic image on furniture. With God's help we will do everything according to individual sketches.

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Interior doors

Every home or apartment should have its own fashionable look. And the interior door is the first or the most important thing that makes the house elegant and individual. Just all the doors in the room together with the furniture make a perfect picture of the interior.

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The entrance door

The door can tell everything about the owner. Some people are fragile and modest, like a small barn, and some pride themselves on an armored but at the same time stylish gate. Remember? Meet on clothes and with doors ... And also - good strong doors, it is guaranteed reliable safety!

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Molded products

Plinth, plinths, lining, rail, etc. Absolutely health-friendly parts that will be required when constructing production facilities and repairing residential buildings. Simple and easy to decorate living rooms, balconies, saunas or offices, but very interesting and stylish in the interior.

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Wood pellets

Compared to conventional fuels (coal, gas, firewood), wood pellets have huge advantages. According to marketers, the future is behind them. The main advantage of wood pellets is their production without any harmful chemical additives and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, they are safe for both humans and the environment.

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From our windows, everyone can see only a bright future! Make any order: Do you want a small round window on a tall tower? Is there a huge floor-to-ceiling window in a country cottage? No questions - let's do it!

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Woodcarving. An ancient kind of decorative art that is gaining popularity today. We cherish the ancient traditions, so with a soul and love we make a unique mirror, an elegant chair, a stylish bed or whatever. Our craftsmen make real masterpieces from wood.

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